Old castle

King's Castle

The Royal Castle atop the Wawel Hill constitute one of the most historically and culturally important places in Poland. For centuries the seat of Polish kings and the symbol of Polish statehood, in 1930 the Royal Castle became one of the most important museums in Poland. The museum houses one of the greatest collections of paintings, prints, sculptures, fabrics, goldsmith’s wares, military artefacts, porcelain and furniture. The Royal Castle is also an important centre for the conservation of works of art. The museum holds regular exhibitions that recreate the look of Renaissance and Baroque halls.

Each year, over one million tourists attend permanent and temporary exhibitions organized at the Castle. It is estimated that over two million of tourers visit the Wawel Hill. Wawel is also a place where numerous concerts and performances take place. You can listen to    symphonic or chamber music, enjoy opera performances and watch court dances shows.